Our Knowledge

The name of الله Allāh, written in Arabic call...

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We know too much , we investigated then learned , invented , discovered and developed .. And the big BUT is: Have we came to know every thing ? about nature , ourselves , our planet & universe , sphere , animals, birds,fish & sea life,bacteria ,germs,viruses,devil ,angles,rain,seas & oceans, light , day & night, sun & moon, other planets and last but not least, HUMAN body ?!! Our knowledge is still too low to discover this single piece of knowledge  inside us !!

Whoever created all of that knows all about it, ALLAh(GOD) created it and He knows every thing about it , we all believe in that , only those who are narrow minded or have a limited line of thinking , do not believe in that ..

The science & IT we have nowadays barely able to know only 10% of the human body’s map !! God tolled us that He owns all and knows all , while we , Humans been given a little of knowledge .. Each one proves the other, our limited knowledge & the creater’s full knowledge ..

We were encouraged by God to investigate , wonder and try to know what He has created and understand how GREAT he is !